Asking Out a Girl You Met Online

Jul 09

Overly confident, smooth-talking gents with a knack for slick pick up lines may have a place in an overcrowded bar where competition is rife and the need to be the alpha male is intense. But online dating is a different story! The best way to ask a girl out online isn’t by being flashy and telling her the things you think she wants to hear.

Don’t creep her out. Most women are more cautious when it comes to online dating. If she gets a hint that you’re just slightly shady, you can be sure she won’t be responding to your emails or winks.

Tone it down. No need for 10 emails a day telling her how she’s super gorgeous and constantly on your mind. Don’t proclaim your love before you’ve met her. Don’t tell her that you’ve been single your entire life. Don’t talk about sex too early on. All of these things will set off a girl’s creep-o-meter, leaving her too freaked out to give you a chance to prove her wrong.

Be the “normal” guy. Online, most women will flock to guys who seem relaxed, friendly and unassuming, i.e. the normal guys! Not the cocky, sweet talking charmers with too much confidence.

Upgrade to the phone. Once you’ve sent a couple of emails, ask her for her number. This automatically creates a more personal feel to your conversations. Spend a few days messaging and calling each other. Get to know her, let her get to know you. Become friends.

Take the plunge. Don’t let the phone stage drag on too long- she might think you’re wasting her time. By now you should have an idea if your feelings are mutual. If it feels right, tell her in a casual way that you enjoy talking to her. Then don’t be afraid to ask if she’s tired of the SMSing and if she’d like to meet up. Ask her how her schedule looks. When she suggests an evening, propose a place and time to meet. Most girls like you to be decisive on the first date- it shows masculinity. Have a few ideas in your mind before you phone her up. If you stay friendly and casual you’re bound to get her to agree to a date with you!

Good luck!

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