6 Ways Women Ruin Relationships Before They Start

Apr 09

No one sabotages their love life on purpose, however sometimes we unwittingly ruin something that could have been really great before it’s even had a chance to get off the ground. Are you guilty of any of these behaviours? 1. Immediately writing him off because he doesn’t fit your ideal “type” – Most want to meet someone who fits certain criteria (i.e....

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10 Songs to Blast During a Break-up

Mar 26

Most of us girls do 2 things after a break up. 1. EAT ALL OUR FEELINGS and 2. Turn up the volume on our iPods/car radios/computers and listen to “break-up songs”. My advice is, don’t gravitate towards depressing, sad songs when you’re heartbroken, rather blast upbeat, empowering and totally catchy jams with lyrics that say all the things that you just...

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Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas

Mar 18

If you are in a long distance relationship for some reason, it does not mean that you and your partner must miss out on the fun of dating. What it requires is some creative thinking and planning, and voila, your ‘long distance’ date night can be as much enjoyable as it would have been if you were together physically. In fact, for those in a relationship where...

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Managing Schedules in a New Relationship

Mar 12

Adjusting to one another’s schedules in a new relationship can be tricky. When you first get together, it’s likely that your lives will very very different. perhaps one of you works at a club and stays up until all hours of the night, while the other is a teacher with a regular schedule. Perhaps one of you is still studying while the other is working. You...

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Fears When Meeting the Family

Mar 11

Meeting your boyfriend’s family (and introducing him to yours) can be a pretty scary event. Not only might you worry what they’ll think of you, but it’s a pretty defining moment in your relationship. So, here are some common fears and how to avoid letting them stress you out. Your family has a habit of interrogating your dates Maybe your dad likes...

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Great First Date Questions

Mar 05

First dates can be tricky and kinda awkward. Until you know one another well, it’s really hard to let conversation flow. Here are a few questions to help you out. 1. Highs and lows: Many people know the old “tell me something good about your day” trick, but mix it up! Ask about the highs and the lows of their day. Both are equally telling, and can easily...

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