Single Again?

Feb 27

How would you describe your status? In Facebook-speak, your relationship roller-coaster has been reduced to one word: ‘single.’ But, how do you describe all the feelings: back to feeling like ‘you’ again? Or descending into the depths of depression? Everyone views relationship endings differently depending on why it ended. A relationship can elicit emotions...

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Go On… Go Out With Him

Feb 25

As a girl, you’ve probably spent hours with your girlfriends agonising over whether you should go out with a guy. Maybe you don’t know him very well, or in the case of online dating you really don’t know him at all. Maybe he asked for your number last Friday night at the bar and you didn’t think he’d really call. He did, now what? Or maybe he’s your...

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He Said He Was 6 foot 4

Feb 20

One super annoying thing about online dating is when someone is different in person because they exaggerated about something on their profile. Sometimes it’s even just the littlest thing, but it can cause a world of trouble because it makes you wonder what else this person isn’t being honest about. Let’s check out some of the popular online dating...

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Are You Ready To Move In Together?

Feb 19

There comes a point in every serious relationship when it’s time to address the big question: should we move in together? It can be a major source of strife or a natural transition, depending upon your relationship. Some people just “know” they’re ready, while others fight it out. Here’s a few ways to tell if you’re ready: 1. You spend lots of nights...

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What a Woman Really Means When She Says….

Feb 14

Whether it’s because she’s shy about revealing her feelings, or because she’s trying to spare someone else’s – every woman has at some point said something that meant something else. This is super confusing to men so in hopes of helping bridge the communication gap between the sexes, here’s a list of common things women say that mean something...

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Is Your Facebook Page Ruining Your Love Life?

Feb 13

Facebook. We all love it. Across the world right now there are probably thousands of people updating their statuses. This gets tricky though; when you’re out there trying to meeting new people, it’s really easy for one of those little updates to turn an interested into a not interested. Pictures of you and your ex Deleting all traces of your ex from your Facebook...

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