Fail-Proof Conversation Topics for First Dates

Jul 10

So you’ve met someone online and gathered the courage to move from a wireless connection to a real life one… Maybe you’ll hit it off, enjoying each other’s company until the wee hours. But just in case you hear crickets, here are a few conversation topics to fall back on – besides the weather!

Favourite hangouts. This is an easy one to start off with- compliment your date on the place they’ve chosen to meet. Based on that, you can start chatting about other hot spots and maybe set up an easy way to plan a second date.


Career plans. If you’re both finished or nearing the end of your studies, this is a good topic. It will tell you a lot about your date’s personality; for example they might career-oriented and ambitious or stuck in a dead-end job with no desire for something better.

Exercise and sports. If you both like to play or watch sports, this topic will allow you to exchange tips, preferences and news. Plus, it’ll tell you about their daily routine. This topic can easily develop into other shared interests.

Where are you from? It’s always interesting to hear why people landed where they did, and where they came from. Sometimes answers can be very telling: did they come here for a job or to escape an awful ex?

Exotic holidays. Spark your date’s interest is by asking about favourite holidays and where they hope to visit in the future. This provides you with some insight into their cultural background and openness to new adventures.

Online dating experiences. Since this will be a mutual topic, it can be easy to chat about. Ask about any disastrous or funny online dating experiences, how long they’ve been online dating and which sites they use. Be careful not to stray onto the topic of exes- this will definitely not lead to a happy first date atmosphere!

Gossip! When all else fails, talk about the couple sitting near you: “Do you think they’re on a blind date?” Remember, gossip bonds two people faster than anything!

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