Fears When Meeting the Family

Mar 11

Meeting your boyfriend’s family (and introducing him to yours) can be a pretty scary event. Not only might you worry what they’ll think of you, but it’s a pretty defining moment in your relationship. So, here are some common fears and how to avoid letting them stress you out.

Your family has a habit of interrogating your dates

Maybe your dad likes giving your new boyfriends the 3rd degree, or your mom has a habit of asking a million questions. Always remember that your family has your best interests at heart. It might not be bad to gently tell your new guy beforehand. And, chances are, he’ll be able to hold their own during the questioning.

Your parents might not like him

It’s true, they might not. But they also might love and adore him. Try to counteract the negative with positive. Also keep in mind that while they might not like your new love at first, that doesn’t mean they won’t ever like him. Think about it. Haven’t you ever met someone who you didn’t really like at first? But, after getting to know them, you start forming a bond. The same is true for your parents. Remember that this is just a first meeting. Be patient and give it time.

You’ll be too nervous to function like yourself (or like a normal human being)

Take a deep breath and relax. Keep in mind that your new guy and your parents are probably just as nervous. After all, everyone has their own set of worries when it comes to this kind of thing.

Your family is a bit…well, odd

So is everyone else’s! Or at least we all think our family is weird. In fact, you probably don’t want to date someone who says “my family is totally normal” because that’s simply not true. Remember, your family is a part of you, so if this person really digs you, they’ll dig your family too (or at least be nice enough to tolerate them).

Meeting the family is a big deal

Sometimes the biggest fear when meeting the family is what it all actually means. Planning a trip to meet them or going totally out of your way to emphasize the importance of the day will really just make everyone more nervous. Try keep it natural. There doesn’t necessarily need to be a “hey I want you to come meet my family” talk. The more nonchalant, the better.

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