He Said He Was 6 foot 4

Feb 20

One super annoying thing about online dating is when someone is different in person because they exaggerated about something on their profile. Sometimes it’s even just the littlest thing, but it can cause a world of trouble because it makes you wonder what else this person isn’t being honest about. Let’s check out some of the popular online dating embellishments.


It’s OK to say you’re 6’0 if you’re 5’11 and a half, but exaggerating 4-5 inches is a huge no-no. A girl might view your supposed tallness as a major plus if she herself is really tall, and when she meets you and is sorely disappointed at your verticle-challengedness, you’ll be the one feeling embarrassed as she towers over you.

Where you live

It’s ok to say you live in a big city like LA, NYC, Sydney, London, Johannesburg etc. when you actually do, or if (and only if) you live in close proximity. However, keep in mind that 60 minutes travel out of the city doesn’t equal anything close to nearby.

Body type   

Online dating can be a little harsh when it comes to body type. The whole “few extra pounds” sounds just plain awful. But no matter how bad it sounds, selecting something that’s far away from your actual body type is worse. So be sure to select something that’s closest to your body type.


Truth be told, this is one of the most ridiculous things to fill out on a dating profile. Income is a pretty big thing and should really only be discussed when you’re in an actual relationship (or at least close to one). However, if you choose to share, be sure you don’t exaggerate. Rounding up is totally acceptable, but saying you make $1,000,000 when you make $100,000 isn’t rounding up.


Some people are excited to hit the big 3-0, while others cringe a little when the age on their profile goes up. But never, ever lie about your age on an online dating site; even a little bit. It’s going to eventually come out – like when you buy alcohol or trade IDs to see whose picture us worse. And that’s just awkward.

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