Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas

Mar 18

If you are in a long distance relationship for some reason, it does not mean that you and your partner must miss out on the fun of dating. What it requires is some creative thinking and planning, and voila, your ‘long distance’ date night can be as much enjoyable as it would have been if you were together physically.

In fact, for those in a relationship where distance is an issue, it is all the more important that you have these dates as regularly as possible, which will help keep the passion alive in spite of the distance. For starters, use the telephone, but make the setting romantic so that it feels like a real date. Maybe both of you could choose a setting at your end that allows you to gaze at the stars, then sip your favorite wine and pour your hearts out over the phone. Or you could do a dinner-and-movie date, where both of have the same food and movie keeping you company, at the same time! A cool gift idea would be to send your sweetheart a ‘date-in-a box’. You put all of his or her favorite stuff in it, decorate it well and send it along with a note. Imagine how much you would love receiving a box filled with bath oils, aromatic candles, a champagne bottle and roses, with a card that says to use them and remember your darling.

For those of you who cannot invest the time required to do the above, do not worry. There is always good old technology that can help you out. Cozy up on your bed with your laptop, and you can be on a virtual date in seconds, thanks to such inventions like chat programs, internet phones and web cameras.


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  1. I am above 40 , looking for my life partner , suggest me what to do?

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