Online dating is cool!

May 28

In today’s day and age it has become increasingly difficult to date. If you have a career and you are focused on making a success of that, it can be really tricky to still get out there and date after a long hard day’s work. And to top it off, some people will try and tell you that it is only for losers who cannot find a date in the conventional way.

I think it is time to say to those stubborn, not-so-focused-on-my-career types that those of us who do have some important things going on in our lives think they are the losers for thinking that you can balance a career and a dating life using conventional dating methods.

Online dating helps you to avoid those “dates” that you would’ve gone on and realized they just weren’t for you. And it does this in a safe way, well at least does. Online dating is cool because you can precisely pinpoint your exact match if you use it correctly and then only actually set some of your precious time aside to meet them.

Tell us if you find that Online dating is becoming cooler or not.

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