How Would You Like to be Asked Out?

Aug 24

So ladies, this one is for you. How would you like your admirer to ask you out on a date? After scouring through many different forums on the topic, we noticed some pretty obvious trends. See if you agree with these:     On the phone: ehh… not great Over e-mail- No Over a text message –Nooooo! Through a friend- No; it will sound like you’re too...

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Asking Out a Girl You Met Online

Jul 09

Overly confident, smooth-talking gents with a knack for slick pick up lines may have a place in an overcrowded bar where competition is rife and the need to be the alpha male is intense. But online dating is a different story! The best way to ask a girl out online isn’t by being flashy and telling her the things you think she wants to hear. Don’t creep her out....

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