Go On… Go Out With Him

Feb 25

As a girl, you’ve probably spent hours with your girlfriends agonising over whether you should go out with a guy. Maybe you don’t know him very well, or in the case of online dating you really don’t know him at all. Maybe he asked for your number last Friday night at the bar and you didn’t think he’d really call. He did, now what? Or maybe he’s your...

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3 Tips to be an effective online dater

Feb 19

Original post from DateNetwork.co.za :  Don’t give up! – This is tip number one for a reason. It’s easy to feel like you’re getting nowhere with online dating, especially if you have tried and tried and not succeeded. But never pack that suitcase and walk away! It works, the proof is everywhere. And it will work for you! If you feel like...

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The Odds of Finding Miss Right Online

Jan 29

The odds of finding your true love online are much better than you may imagine. It may take time and lots of sifting through profiles, as well as lots of dates with different women but it’s certainly possible. It’s possible you’ll find your Miss Right quicker than you think, as online dating has exploded over the last few years with thousands of new members...

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Dating Mistakes to Remember

Jan 03

In need of some dating tips because yet another date somehow went sour? You thought everything was sailing along just fine; you wore a flirty dress and made your moves, but when it came to the good night kiss, all you got was a handshake and a man bolting for his car. What happened? The following are some common mistakes that every woman should know. 1. “You’re...

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Fail-Proof Conversation Topics for First Dates

Jul 10

So you’ve met someone online and gathered the courage to move from a wireless connection to a real life one… Maybe you’ll hit it off, enjoying each other’s company until the wee hours. But just in case you hear crickets, here are a few conversation topics to fall back on – besides the weather! Favourite hangouts. This is an easy one to start off...

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