Flirting Tips for Shy Girls (Part 2 of 2)

Jul 26

It’s quite tough being a single woman, but it’s especially tough for timid lasses. For some of girls, the very thought of openly flirting with a handsome acquaintance sets a whole series of panicky thoughts into motion. If you’re worried that you’ll never gather the courage to let that guy you’ve got your eyes on know you’re...

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Fail-Proof Conversation Topics for First Dates

Jul 10

So you’ve met someone online and gathered the courage to move from a wireless connection to a real life one… Maybe you’ll hit it off, enjoying each other’s company until the wee hours. But just in case you hear crickets, here are a few conversation topics to fall back on – besides the weather! Favourite hangouts. This is an easy one to start off...

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How to Flirt Online

Jun 28

No matter how you say it flirting means showing another person that you’re interested in them. Flirting online may seem hard because there is no physical interaction, but with the right skills you can achieve great results! Be responsive. Flirting requires someone to be on the other or it won’t work. Respond to the messages you’re receiving and show the...

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