He Said He Was 6 foot 4

Feb 20

One super annoying thing about online dating is when someone is different in person because they exaggerated about something on their profile. Sometimes it’s even just the littlest thing, but it can cause a world of trouble because it makes you wonder what else this person isn’t being honest about. Let’s check out some of the popular online dating...

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The Dirt on Online Dating

Oct 19

Most of us who online date work very hard to come across as appealing, but sometime your “little white lie” might be a little too transparent! Recently I came across a very interesting infographic about online dating and the most common things that people lie about. After looking at some more research on the topic, I found some pretty clear trends! See if you...

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Tell the Truth

Sep 18

Back in the day when online dating was still somewhat taboo, there was speculation that it would put an end to some of the wonderful aspects of traditional dating like candle light, wine and walks on the beach. Some people believed it would turn dating into a grocery store where you went about and picked someone off the shelf, essentially changing people into...

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