First Date Ideas for Online Daters

Dec 12

When it comes to online dating, planning the first in-person date can be challenging since you just don’t know each other very well so. So here are some ideas that you can use the next time you want to set up a truly memorable first date. 1. Try to make the date something you will both enjoy… no brainer right?! But you may be surprised at the number of times...

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Yes, I Date Online. No, There’s Nothing Wrong with Me.

Jul 05

I’ve found lots of wonderful things on the Internet; discount holidays, e-books, appliances, my boyfriend. That’s right; I met my wonderful man online! Gasp. And yet when someone asks the inevitable “how did you two meet?”, I’ve always struggled with telling the truth. Some people get it, a lot of people don’t. Why do I still feel so awkward admitting...

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