The Dirt on Online Dating

Oct 19

Most of us who online date work very hard to come across as appealing, but sometime your “little white lie” might be a little too transparent! Recently I came across a very interesting infographic about online dating and the most common things that people lie about. After looking at some more research on the topic, I found some pretty clear trends! See if you agree with these, the top 4 most frequent fibs:

1)      Photographs

Research shows that over 30% of the most attractive photographs are more than 6 months old for guys and 18 months old for girls, and this usually increases with age. So, if your date is 30+ with a striking photograph, don’t be surprised by how old they appear when you meet them!

 2)      Weight and Height

Studies indicate that ladies claim to weigh about 9lbs or 4.5kgs less than they actually do, while most men describe themselves as bout 2lbs or 1kg lighter. As for height, about 50% of men online claim to be taller than they are. Blame this on rigid social pressure, but people do edit their profile descriptions so they’ll better match the expectations of a potential date.

3)      Marital Status

Eeeek! Watch out ladies! About 30% of men who use online dating services are already married! So don’t forget that you are dating online to meet your soul-mate, and not to become an already-attached person’s “bit on the side”.

4)      Income

As you can imagine, people (especially men) who claim to have an extra zero on the end of their pay check will get plenty more messages and winks compared to those people being honest about their moderate salaries. Supposedly, people that online date are 20% “poorer” than they let on.

If you’re tempted to fib on your dating profile, it’s likely that these insecurities will surface in other ways later on. Ultimately, this will damage your chance of meeting your match. So in other words, the best chance for success with online dating is to be yourself, and remain confident about who you are.

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