Use Your Senses to Strengthen Your Relationship (Part 2)

Nov 08

When your relationship first started, flirting was the natural way to catch their attention and win their heart. Fast forward a few years, you’re husband and wife, maybe with a couple of kids, your attention will be redirected to building your career, child caring, paying bills and before you know it, flirting is a distant memory.

You may wonder why you still need to flirt with your spouse. Well, why not? Flirting is like the “lubricant of life” helping to relieve those daily “frictions” and spice up the relationship. Once you slip the ring onto her hand, vow to make living with each other as pleasant, fun and enjoyable as you can. To help with this, treat flirting like unintentional foreplay, i.e. don’t use it for the sole purpose of sex. Flirting is about sensuality, so bring in all the five senses to enrich the experience.

3. Appeal to their sense of taste

Cook their favourite meal or go to their favourite restaurant to enjoy a romantic dinner. Make things fun by blind-folding him/her and feeding them various flavours of ice-cream or sweets and asking them to guess the flavour.

4. Appeal to their sense of smell

Aromas can set the mood for any occasion. Send her flowers to express your love, wear his favourite perfume or cook their favourite meal to show that they’re on your mind. Fill the room with warm, relaxing scents that will get their heart racing.

5. Appeal to their sense of touch

Simple physical contact can make a big impact. Reach out and touch your spouse in a gentle way when they least expect it. It can be a soft touch, a flirtatious stroke, or back rub. When they’re standing up, surprise them with a backwards hug and plant your lips on their cheek. Next time you’re walking somewhere, even if it is just to the parking lot, you hold their hand. Find excuses to reach out and touch your spouse.

Flirting is the simplest and easiest way to please your spouse. You just need is some extra effort and lots of creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Start flirting with your spouse from now on.

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