What Women Find Romantic (Part 2 of 2)

Jul 30

What is romance?  Do you have images of a knight on a white horse rescuing the beautiful helpless lass from her troubles?  Don’t hold your breath!  In today’s world, romance just seems harder to find. A request for a date sent via text message doesn’t scream romantic. So what can you do to put a little romance back into your relationship? Here’s a list of ideas that you can do for her.

Ideas for everyday

  • Sing to her. If you have the voice, girls love when a guy sings or plays an instrument to them.
  • Surprise her with flowers; roses, carnations, sunflowers (my favourite!).
  • Tell her she’s gorgeous. Even supermodels like to be told they’re pretty.
  • Tell her why you like her. Pay attention to specific details of her personality.
  • Act chivalrous. Hold the door open, carry her things, be a gentleman with manners. Trust me, it works!
  • Be nice to others. It’s easy to be sweet to the girl you like, but we notice how you treat the waiter, our friends and the guy who asks for directions.
  • Create a photo album. Take pictures often and create a visual scrapbook of your life together. You’ll both appreciate the moment when you see these snapshots later down the road.
  • Be thoughtful. Whether it’s making her coffee in the morning, sticking a surprise note in her bag or leaving her a chocolate “kiss” on her pillow before bedtime, everyone loves a romantic surprise.


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