Yes, I Date Online. No, There’s Nothing Wrong with Me.

Jul 05

I’ve found lots of wonderful things on the Internet; discount holidays, e-books, appliances, my boyfriend.

That’s right; I met my wonderful man online! Gasp. And yet when someone asks the inevitable “how did you two meet?”, I’ve always struggled with telling the truth. Some people get it, a lot of people don’t. Why do I still feel so awkward admitting that we met online?

It’s a common stereotype: the lurking, online dater with limited social skills and low self-esteem, who isn’t much to look at. But I speak from experience; online daters are not any less attractive, intelligent or self-assured. And once in a relationship does the way you initially met have any impact on your relationship?

Since most of us can’t sneeze without updating our social media profiles, it’s hard to believe that a stigma still exists around online dating. We can do everything online: shop, stay up to date with clients and colleagues, chat to friends across the world; why not date? Online dating introduced me to my boyfriend, someone who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. So, what’s the problem?

To a lot of people online dating implies a last resort, a final attempt before throwing in the towel on finding love. For a girl, it might imply that you couldn’t find love in the real world; therefore there must be something wrong with you. And for a guy, to some it might seem that you’re a player looking for cheap hook-ups. If you’ve ever admitted to online dating and had someone tell you “I can’t believe you’re doing that, you don’t need it”, I can feel your pain!

Let’s get real. Online dating isn’t reserved for desperate cat ladies and cheap players. Perhaps as more and more people use wireless connections to make real life connections, the stigmas that surround online dating will finally dissolve. And the next time I’m asked how I met my boyfriend; I’ll reply “I met him online. It was perfect.”


Because it was.

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